A hypertext system here presented supports some features essential for software and documents development environment; in particular, versioning (both logical and chronological), macro facilities, authoring facilities and interface with text representation systems HTML  and  TEX.

Hypertext is a natural environment for software project development. The hypertext of a project may contain segments from various levels of specification (free prose, block diagrams, text in a formal language), documentation, source programs for individual components of the system designed. The structural links (eventually they may be typed) enable one to produce a linear text, or to get a hierarchical bird’s-eye view of the project; the cross-references make possible immediate consulting on the related pieces at any specification level (in particular, within one and the same level).

To meet the needs of a software designer , the hypertext system must provide a fair amount of editing facilities and interfaces with various tools; the ability to support multiple versions, which occasionally is featured in hypertext systems, is certainly welcome in a software development environment.