The problem of inhomogeneity of the observation system in the Common Depth Point Method (CDPM) was considered by authors earlier. It results from the following. At the construction of the CDP seismograms by using the data obtained by the method of multiple overlaps (MMO), there appear the CDP configurations whose parameters, generally speaking, depend on the location of the picket over which the seismogram is formed. It is shown that practicing geophysicists working with the CDP method have always been aware of this fact. In the available literature, however, there are no general formulas or algorithms for the calculation of these parameters. The method of graphical display of the MMO schemes on the so-called generalized plane is, however, well-known.

The authors propose a purely logical method based on a “superposition principle”. It allows us to determine the parameters of the CDP groups for any configurations of the initial CBP arrangements. Although this reasoning is recurrent, no general recurrent formulas are given. In our consideration of these questions, we managed to find explicit expressions for the parameters of the CDP groups depending on the picket number and at any parameters of the initial CBP arrangements on a rectilinear profile. The formulas are so simple that they can be included not only in reference books but also in textbooks on the CDP method.