In this paper, to solve the problem of active vibroseismic monitoring of the processes of fracturing and dilatancy in seismic- and volcano-prone zones, we take into account the dynamic characteristics of the wave field, in addition to a tracking change in the coefficients of medium anisotropy and propagation velocities of P- and S-waves earlier proposed by A.S. Alekseev. Thereby, the waveform variations and nonlinear transformation of wave fields associated with the geodynamic processes developing in destruction source zones will be taken into account. The efficiency of the approach proposed was confirmed by the results of experimental investigations with the method of vibrational sounding of mud volcanoes of the Taman mud volcano province and the tectonic fracture in the Novosibirsk region. The problem of estimating the dynamics of geodynamic processes in the destruction source zone becomes a multiparametric problem, which can be solved by the pattern recognition methods.