Vegetation is important for many ecological studies because it determines the rate of SO2 during photosynthesis as well as for hydrologic and atmospheric studies as it effects on the latent heat flux. The most detailed parameterizations of vegetation are often found in the land surface models jointly used with atmospheric models . This may be summarized as follows: the effects of leaf area on the absorption of solar radiation at the surface; sensible heat flux and latent heat flux; biochemical fluxes; and the soil heat fluxes, which are important due to the effects of soil temperature on biochemical fluxes; the surface energy budget and soil hydrology. The land surface model considered in this paper is an extension of the earlier developed model and is based on the works by P.J. Sellers, et al. and G.B.  Bonan. A substantial part of this model is based on the NCAR reports. The proposed version of the land surface model takes into account rather completely the physical factors to assess the interaction of the atmosphere with the surface and the possibility of including it to the general circulation model ECSib.