It is assumed that with the global warming the temperature of the ocean surface begins its raising by 0.08 degrees annually. The climatic model of the ocean is further integrated for the period of 50 years and simulates penetrations of warming from the surface deep into the ocean. A three-dimensional equation of transport of dissolved methane from sources is simultaneously solved which is included in that moment, when warming reaches the area of methanehydrate stability and raises the temperature by a defined magnitude-tolerance. The tolerance in different experiments varied from 0.1 to 2.0 degrees. The flux of methane into the atmosphere has reached 1 Tg after 17 years, and after 50 years it has become 3.8 Tg (at tolerance 2 degrees, respectively, after 12 years it has exceeded 1 Tg and has become 4.2 Tg after 50 years). In the other experiments an instant increase of the winter and the summer surface temperature of the ocean by 3 degrees is assumed. In this case at tolerance of 0.1 degree the flux of methane into the atmosphere has exceeded 1 Tg after 4 years, and has reached 14 Tg after 50 years (at tolerance of 2.0 degrees, accordingly, it has exceeded 1 Tg after 8 years and has become 6.3 Tg after 50 years).