In this paper, a modification of the high-tech expert system GIS-EEDB (Expert Earthquakes Database) intended for solving a wide range of seismological research tasks, called "Fukushima-EEDB" is proposed. For the first time the system was developed on the platform of Windows 8. The basic logical and functional structure as well as results of the using mathematical algorithms for the seismicity visualization and analysis of seismic regime is considered. The analysis algorithms allow us to calculate maps and diagrams of changing seismic process parameters such as parameters of a magnitude-frequency graph (A and b), seismic activation and quiescence, clusterization of earthquakes, concentration criterion and so on. The geographical and analytical software provides a cartographic representation of a seismic characteristics change on maps and on cross-sections. Examples of the system usage are presented for studying a seismic regime of circumjacent areas of the Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.