This paper describes a numerical algorithm and results of numerical calculations of the mass problem solution of determination of belonging of a set of points to a set of arbitrary figures covering an area. Such figures could be irrelative crossed or not. The problem is solved by the earlier described methods of Geometrical Informatics (GI) which is a new approach to the organization of calculations on the GPU (Graphics Processor Unit). In this paper, we present results of comparison between the time of execution of the fastest classical algorithms on the CPU and that of the algorithm GI on the GPU. We show that with some problems, the accelerations obtained can reach from 6 up to 700 times.

Though as a modeling problem we take a geophysical model of the Earth and the construction of a grid for subsequent numerical geophysical calculations is chosen, such problems are typical of many areas of constructing grids for numerical experiments, geometrical modeling, everywhere where coverings are used, triangulation problem or problems of rendering.

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