The authors of paper [1] refer to papers [2, 3] by Dorovsky et al. as the source of governing equations of the poroelasticity model being studied in their paper. In papers [2, 3], according to the authors' opinion, the equations of motion of saturated porous media were obtained in terms of displacement velocities. It should also be noted that papers [2, 3] investigate nonlinear non-stationary problems, but did not consider linear static problems. The equations of motion in terms of displacements, considered in the paper by Amit Kumar et al. [1] were first introduced by Kh.Kh. Imomnazarov in paper [4] on the basis of equations of a model of continual filtration theory [2, 3]. The corresponding boundary value problem in terms of displacements was solved using the Galerkin vector by Kh.Kh. Imomnazarov et al. in [5] (published in English in 2003). Paper [1] does not contain references to [4, 5]. As the matter of fact the authors could perform these investigations independently. However, the analysis of the text of paper [1] causes one more remark.

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