The paper considers theory, methods and experiments aimed at creation of a monitoring system of active volcanos with the use of powerful vibroseismic sources. We propose a concept of creation of a system for studying the geometry of magma chambers, deep faults in the neighborhood of volcanos, dynamics of eruption processes using the methods of vibroseismic sounding, the latter based on powerful controlled sources with the force, acting on the ground.

The results of calculation of a seismic field for a medium, which is elliptic inclusion into a homogeneous half-space simulating a magma region, are presented. In this case, a volcanic medium is approximated with the help of a number of rectangular plates. Special attention is being given to development of method of vibroseismic monitoring of living volcanos, which, in our opinion, will help in measuring the rates of magma elevation in channels and in predicting the time of eruption of a volcano in question in combination with other geophysical, geochemical and geological methods. The comparison of computational effectiveness on processors Alpha and Itanium was carried out.