PSAs for self-replication of a cellular rectangular loop

The Parallel Substitution Algorithm (PSA) is a spatial dynamical system used to represent processes in cellular space. The PSA is applied to designing programs of self-replication in cellular space. The programs become more laconic (by the number of transition rules or substitutions) in comparison with the ones based on the...

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Simulation of complex phenomena by Cellular Automata composition

Methods of Cellular Automata (CA) composition are systematically considered and analyzed. To formally define them some basic mathematical operations on cellular arrays are introduced. Trivial sequential and parallel composition types with no shared variables in cell transition functions are given in brief. The main concern is with two basic methods...

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The PABX monitoring

This paper describes the experience gained in the development of PABX monitoring system using the Internet-technologies. The basic attention is being given to the formal representation of data accounting, storage subsystems and access to data. Information about the system realization is given, and the user interface is described.

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The DCMS library for open architecture applications

This paper presents a Dynamically Configurable Modular System (DCMS), which is a library for the development of applications with an open architecture. The DCMS is oriented to a wide set of applications, such as mathematical simulation, Web technologies, and so on. By now, the library has been used in the...

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Real-time image rotation on the array microprocessor NM6403

An algorithm for the real-time image rotation on the array microprocessor NM6403 is proposed. For implementation of this image transformation on the microprocessor NM6403, decomposition of a rotation matrix is used. This decomposition reduces any pixel rotation to a sequence of unidimensional translations which can be effectively vectorized.

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