About one direct initial-boundary value problem for nonlinear one-dimensional poroelasticity equations

We consider a one-dimensional direct initial-boundary value problem for a nonlinear system of the poroelasticity equations. The theorem of local solvability of the classical solution to the problem is proved. The Frechet differentiability of the problem operator is proved, too.

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The GIS-EEDB computing system, lineaments, and the earthquake prediction problem

The main object of the study in Geophysics is multi-dimensional non-linear systems, varying over a wide time range from a split second to geological epochs. The present-day mathematics does not allow a sufficiently strict description of such systems, so the problem of reliable long-term earthquake prediction is still unsolvable. The...

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Trans-boundary realization of the nested-grid algorithm for trans-pacific and regional tsunami modeling

The grid-switching algorithm for the tsunami propagation computation from the initial source to the coastline that uses scale switching has been developed. Computations are carried out on a sequence of grids with various resolutions where one is embedded into another. Tsunami wave parameters are transferred from a larger domain to...

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On the origin of the Ladoga impact-volcanic structure

In the geo-information and geological studies of the last two years we has accumulated a sufficient number of geophysical, morphological, mineralogical and petrographic materials to refer the Ladoga structure to the category of the "proven" astrobleme. The identification within the Ladoga structure of the volcano-plutonic complex, which is syngenetic to...

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On statistical adaptation of the order filters for the signal form and its noise specificity

This paper is aimed to the improvement of the quality of the data of vibro-seismic research under the condition of the wave form preservation of a sounding signal. For this purpose, it is offered to use the order statistics filters. As seismic data are mostly harmonic or frequencymodulated (or sweep)...

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