Active seismology with powerful vibrator

A new method for seismological investigation of the Earth's crust and the upper mantle, geodynamic processes and earthquake preparation zones has been developed using powerful vibrational sources of seismic waves. Since nuclear explosions have been prohibited, this method remains the only active method for deep seismic sounding of the Earth...

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Creation of a tehcnology of calibration of seismic stations and seismic traces using powerful seismic vibrators

Efficiency of systems for monitoring of nuclear tests within the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) essentially depends on accuracy in the determination of time, geographical coordinates, depth and power of explosions in accordance with the data for seismic waves recorded by seismologic stations. The purpose of the present project is...

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Vibroseismic research of Altai-Sayan region

The paper considers the results of the 1995 Russian--Japanese experiment, in which the structure of vibroseismic fields of powerful sources, as well as the relation between these fields and the tensely deformed state of the geological medium were investigated.

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Seismoacoustic waves from powerful seismic vibrators

The phenomenon of intensive acoustic wave excitation by surface explosion sources is known in seismology and seismic prospecting geophysics. The sound impulse from explosion propagating along the Earth's surface induces elastic surface waves. They are recorded on seismograms with arrival times equal to the travel time of acoustic wave from...

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Modeling of the acoustoseismic induction process

The paper is devoted to modeling of the acoustoseismic induction process caused by the interaction of a harmonic wave with elastic half-space. This effect was first detected in experiments with powerful vibrational sources of seismic waves, carried out at the vibroseismic test site of Siberian Branch of RAS. The 2D...

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