Two solvers for non-symmetric SLAEs

The implementation of the biconjugate and the squared conjugate gradient (BiCG and CGS) preconditioned iterative methods are described for solving non-symmetric systems of linear algebraic equations (SLAEs) which arise when approximating multi-dimensional boundary value problems (BVPs) for diffusion-convection partial differential equations (PDEs), by finite eifference, finite element and finite volume...

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3D thermoelasticity program

The main objective of the paper is to present a program to solve the 3D BVP for the problem of linear thermoelasticity. Numerical algorithms for data structures, element-by-element finite volume approximations, and iterative solution are given.

The purpose of the present program is to solve a mixed boundary value problem...

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Mathematical modeling of 3D non-stationary electromagnetic fields using the vector finite element method

This paper is dealt with investigation of the numerical aspects concerned with using the vector finite element method for solving non-stationary electromagnetic problems. A special variational formulation and its discrete analogues are offered. Peculiarities of inputting a source current into such statements are considered. The results of some numerical experiments...

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