The portable and scalable kinetic plasma simulation code for hybrid supercomputers

Today the method for the development of portable numerical simulation programs is very important because of the two main reasons. The first reason is the diversity of supercomputer architectures in Top500 and the second one is a demand for using the most powerful computers to simulate, for example, plasma. The...

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Radial inflow model in the near-wellbore zone of exploitation wells

The paper reviews the problem of forecasting the possible maximum pressure at the well-head, at the well-bore and at near-wellbore zone of reservoir during the process of new stimulation technology like reactive chemistry application. The technology provides stimulation by thermobaric effects. This impact occurs as a result of thermal decomposition...

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Modeling of a heterophase flow in permeable zones of the lithosphere

This paper investigates a magma flow in permeable zones of the lithosphere. The model equations describing the dynamics of saturated porous media both without tangential stresses and with them are presented. The phenomenological method used for deriving the equations provides the thermodynamic correctness. Based on the model of the heterophase...

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On derivation of the size distribution of cloud droplets from the phase function

This paper deals with an ill-posed problem to determine the size distribution for water drops in a cloud from a given scattering phase function. Numerical experiments have shown that a method based on non-negative least squares with additional requirements of smoothness can be used to solve the ill-posed problems.

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Supercomputer-aided comparison of the efficiency of using different mathematical statements of the 3D geophysical problem

In order to create systems of vibroseismic monitoring for earthquakeprone areas it is needed to carry out the simulation of seismic wave propagation in the media typical of volcanic structures. To this end it is required to develop supercomputer technologies for decreasing the computation time and simulation of "big" 3D...

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