Ontology-based approach to development of adjustable knowledge internet portal for support of research activitiy

This paper presents an approach to the development of specialized Internet portals providing content-based access to systematized knowledge and information resources, relating to a certain branch of science. The information basis of such portals is formed by ontologies, containing the description of scientific and research activity as a whole as...

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OS-independent detection of thread switches on uniprocessor

Parallel programs often are non-deterministic in their nature, what greatly complicates testing, debugging, verifying and analyzing such programs. On a uniprocessor, interleaving actions of the system scheduler (thread switches) can be thought of as source of nondeterminism. The precise detection of these actions helps many tasks, especially the schedule-based execution...

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Constraint-based analysis of composite solvers

Cooperative constraint solving is an area of constraint programming that studies the interaction between constraint solvers with the aim of discovering the interaction patterns that amplify the positive qualities of individual solvers. Automatisation and formalisation of such studies is an important issue of cooperative constraint solving.

In this paper, we...

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