Information extraction from news texts using a joint deep learning model

This paper describes the experiments for the task on information extraction from news texts in Russian in a setting with a wide variety of types of entities and relations. We have adapted the SpERT model which uses the BERT network as a core for the joint extraction of entities and...

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Research and forecasting of passenger traffic using the MIX-PROSTOR system

The paper considers the problem of evaluating the possibilities of alleviating the transportation discrimination of the population of Asian Russia. The authors suggest extending the MIX-PROSTOR system for transportation stream modeling by including tools for evaluating the options of multimodal passenger transportation.

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Functional programming for parallel computing

The paper is devoted to modern trends in the application of functional programming to the problems of organizing parallel computations. Functional programming is considered as a meta-paradigm for solving the problems of developing multi-threaded programs for multiprocessor complexes and distributed systems, as well as for solving the problems associated with...

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Methods of processing textual information in entity alignment algorithms

Entity alignment algorithms aim to find equivalent entities in cross-lingual knowledge graphs, which is important for the task of obtaining information about real-world objects. Recently, several studies have been conducted on entity alignment algorithms on various datasets. Algorithms using information about entity names have shown a wide range of results...

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Distributed calculations on multiple independent devices for PCISPH method

One of the most significant drawbacks of the PCISPH algorithm (predictive corrective SPH), which is often used for the simulation of incompressible viscous liquid dynamics, is the complexity of the organization of distributed calculations on a computational cluster. At the same time, the algorithm supports the data parallelism relative to...

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A cassette as a specialized repository for factographic systems

When published on the internet, cassettes can be used by various information systems needing this information block. This mechanism gives us the opportunity of a flexible system configuration and a realization of distributed information systems.

This approach was implemented in the information systems created by the A.P. Ershov Institute of...

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