Cellular automata diffusion models for multicomputer implementation

Simulating large-scale phenomena by Cellular Automata (CA) meets the problem of designing CA models that could be efficiently implemented on supercomputers with distributed memory. Since most of large-scale spatially distributed processes contain diffusion as a component which takes a significant part of computational time, the study of coarse-grain parallelization characteristics...

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Parallel template implementation of Particle-in-Cell method for hybrid supercomputers

Recently, hybrid (GPU-equipped) supercomputers have attained a very high performance level. The fact is, the solution of real physical problems with such supercomputers is restricted by the GPU programming complexity.

In order to simplify the development of high-performance plasma physics codes for hybrid supercomputers, a template implementation of Particle-in-Cell (PIC)...

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An algorithm for registration of erythrocytes on low-contrast images

An algorithm for counting the erythrocytes on low-contrast images of cytological preparations is proposed. The algorithm deals with low-contrast images: brightness histogram normalization, contrast stretching, and background alignment by the “top of hat” method. Erythrocytes are detected by the similarity criterion of reference samples and an area in the picture...

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