Algorithms and software for the analysis of disordering the structure of cellular walls

The purpose of this work is the development and search of the analysis algorithms for textural features and various orthonormal spectral decompositions of the images obtained by the transmission electronic microscopy. The research is carried out for the Institute of Solid State Chemistry and Mechanochemistry of the Siberian Branch of...

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Method of the development of ontological operational semantics for imperative programming languages

The paper presents a method of the development of operational semantics for imperative programming languages. It is based on the ontological approach to formal programming language specification implemented by information transition systems and conceptual transition systems. The method is illustrated by a fragment of the C language.

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Methods for constructing natural language analyzers based on link grammar and rhetorical structure theory

The increasing volumes of Internet information and rapid development of social networks make the problem of automated text processing more and more topical. We have studied the use of link grammar for the Kazakh and Turkish languages and considered the possibility of creating dictionaries in these languages and connecting them...

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An approach to context-dependent lexical and syntactic ambiguity resolution in ontology population

We suggest an approach to the resolution of context-dependent lexical and syntactic ambiguity in a framework of ontology population from natural language texts. We show that a set of maximally determined ontology instances can be represented as a Scott information system with an entailment relation as a collection of information...

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Associative version of the Ramalingam incremental algorithm for the dynamic all-pairs shortest-path problem

The paper proposes an associative version of the Ramalingam algorithm for the dynamic update of the all-pairs shortest paths of a directed weighted graph after inserting an edge. To this end, a model of associative (content addressable) parallel systems with vertical processing (the STAR–machine) is used. The associative version of...

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