A general s hema for constraint propagation

Various algorithms for achieving different levels of local consistency (i.e., constraint propagation algorithms), even diverse ones for the same kind of local consistency, are present in the literature and built into existing systems. Due to their variety and diversity, a natural quest is to search for a common framework. In...

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Application of constraint hierarchy to timetabling problems

At the beginning of each school year, universities everywhere must undertake boring and time-consuming process of slotting students, teachers and lessons into available classrooms. It is a natural scheduling problem and schedulemakers are looking for simple flexible and effective automatic systems.

Scheduling problems are often NP-complete. There are many approaches...

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Constraint propagation in presence of arrays

We describe the use of array expressions as constraints, which represents a consequent generalisation of the element constraint. Constraint propagation for array constraints is studied theoretically, and for a set of domain reduction rules the local consistency they enforce, arc-consistency, is proved. An efficient algorithm is described that encapsulates the...

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