Generation of dynamic Delaunay triangulations

Non-stationary problems of finite element solutions require an efficient generation of sequential meshes with minor changes in density functions of points distribution. The Delaunay meshes sequential generation is studied in terms of successive insertions and removings of points following changes in density function.

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Modified Runge-Kutta method. II

Modern Runge-Kutta method of solving ODE bears a slight resemblance with the classical (explicit) method and is based on the transformation of the differential equation to the integral one. The contents of the mathematical theory was formulated by J.C. Butcher et all. Nevertheless, the technique of constructing fundamental equations of RK-method...

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Short review on variational approach in abstract splines

The abstract variational theory of splines in the Hilbert space originated from the well-known paper by M. Atteia (1965) and supported by P.J. Laurent's researches (1968, 1973) is today a well-developed field in the approximation theory. We mean that the forthcoming researches in abstract theory were initiated by the problem of high-quality...

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